Location & Parking

Forest View Park is located at 4600 South Home Avenue

The Park District Recreation Building and Maintenance Garage are located at 4621 South Wenonah Ave

Parking Information Below

Important Parking Information:

  • Parking is not allowed on 46th Street
  • Many Streets adjacent the Park are Resident Only, please note signage when parking
  • Non-Residents please use the Municipal parking lot on the north side of the Municipal building at 7000 46th St.
  • Additional parking available on the west side of the Firehouse on Wenonah Ave.
  • If attending a Recreation Dept. Event, park in the lot at 4621 South Wenonah Ave.
  • Additional questions about parking? Pop into our Police Department at 7000 46th St. and ask at the desk, our friendly officers will let you know if you are parked legally.